The Macarthur region has experienced steady growth over the past 10 years; however it is expected to grow by approximately double over the next 20 years. As the community grows, it will create additional challenges for waste management within the region, one of which will include managing the increasing waste generated through population growth.

Consequently the MACROC member Councils have developed a Regional Waste Strategy in accordance with the NSW Waste and Resource Recovery (WARR) Strategy 2014-21.

The Strategy examines how regional actions can improve the availability of long-term, cost-effective waste solutions, from specified research which includes consultation from industry, waste professionals and amongst waste management staff from member councils.

The guiding vision for the Strategy is:

To achieve the best value, most socially acceptable and environmentally sustainable management of waste across the Macarthur region.

The Strategy identifies opportunities to work alongside councils to optimise waste avoidance and resource recovery programs and foster regional collaboration in accordance with the five themes:

1. Local and Regional Planning,
2. Waste Avoidance and Reduction,
3. Recycling and Landfill Diversion,
4. Litter and Illegal Dumping, and
5. Management of Problem Wastes.

The key aims that the MACROC member Councils are working to achieve through the Strategy include:

• Planning for waste and recovered resource processing and disposal for the region beyond 2024.
• Encouraging waste avoidance, with a focus on food waste in particular.
• Removing more recyclable materials from our domestic garbage stream.
• Reducing the levels of contamination in recyclables and garden organics bins.
• Reducing the incidence of littering.
• Reducing the incidence of illegal dumping.
• Applying for funding to support regional initiatives for education, community engagement and enhancement of existing Council-operated services and facilities.

The Macarthur Regional WARR Strategy and regional waste coordination program is supported by the NSW Environment Protection Authority with funding from the waste levy.

For more information:

Joshua Hayden
Regional Waste Co-ordinator
Tel: 02 4645 4999

To download the document please click on the link below: