Macarthur Region – Economic Key Findings Report 2015-2016

This document examines the economic characteristics and workplace role and function of the Macarthur Region, New South Wales. The Macarthur Region comprises the Local Government Areas of Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly. This document has been prepared for MACROC – the Macarthur Regional Organisation of Councils.

Understanding the economic and demographic processes at work in Macarthur provides a framework for understanding what role the industries and workforce of the area play in the context of Greater Sydney. This is intended to guide economic development in understanding what policy responses to put in place to enhance the local economy.

A sustainable economy is based on the interplay between the industries and the workforce located in the area, the economic role of the wider region, and the demographic role of the community. Strong economies draw heavily on their local population as a source of workers, a market for goods and services, and support for industry, while also playing a wider role as exporters of goods and services, or specialists in a particular industry sector. Economic development is focussed on fostering this relationship between population and economy, ensuring that the area is attractive to businesses of a type supported by the local community, and contribute to the prosperity of that community.
The focus of this paper is a summary of the key points of the Macarthur Region economy, main industries and characteristics of the workforce, and how they are changing over time.