Annual Report 2015-2016

252-PG Preferred - Cr Hawker recoloured_resAs President of MACROC it is my pleasure to present this report on the activities undertaken by MACROC during 2015-2016.

The year has seen an unprecedented level of activity in South West Sydney with a renewed State and Federal Government focus on the region. Investment in property development and large infrastructure projects is evident everywhere.

The Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan is a ten year $3.6 billion investment program designed to deliver much needed major road upgrades for the region and provide transport solutions that will help maximise the economic benefits of the development of the proposed Western Sydney Airport.

The proposed Western Sydney Airport at Badgery’s Creek is heralded as a ‘game changer’ for the region, generating employment and economic activity, during both its construction and its operation, providing long term employment opportunities. As a region we need to work with the Federal and State Governments to ensure that our residents are not disadvantaged, that there will be adequate infrastructure in Macarthur to support access to the airport, access to employment opportunities that the airport may offer and that there is adequate protection for our residents in terms of amenity, environment and heritage.

Our Councils support MACROC because they believe that there is strength in partnership and that it will benefit our region to continue to identify Macarthur as a distinct and unique area of Greater Sydney. I continue to believe that regional advocacy is the most effective way to achieve the best possible results for Macarthur and its community. Macarthur is fortunate to have very committed Local, State and Federal elected representatives who, together with MACROC, work to focus the attention of Government on our region to ensure that we have the resources needed to provide the economic, social and environmental benefits our community deserves.

MACROC will continue to work to ensure that Government, both State and Federal, have a stronger focus on our region, providing strategies for expanding employment opportunities, growing the local economy and providing transport connections within the region to allow our residents access to employment opportunities.
As a regional organisation with well-established links with all levels of government, MACROC is well placed to assist State and Federal Governments in consultation and collaboration with Local Government in the critical areas such as integrated regional planning, economic development, job creation and infrastructure provision. It is important that we work to ensure that there are strategies in place to generate growth in the local economy in order to provide the right jobs, closer to where people live.

This is my final report as President of MACROC and I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the Mayors of the Macarthur region for their on-going support of MACROC. I would like to acknowledge the Councillors who are members of the MACROC Board and our elected State and Federal Representatives who remain strongly committed to ensuring that the Macarthur region prospers.

I would also like to thank the staff of MACROC for their commitment and support. I know that they will provide that same level of commitment and support to my successor. I wish MACROC a strong future as it continues to advocate for Macarthur, a unique region of Sydney.

Councillor Paul Hawker