MEDIA RELEASE – Macarthur Councils Committed to Collaboration

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Cr Penny Fischer is in the final weeks of her role as President of MACROC and during her two year presidency she has continually affirmed her belief that for Local Government there is strength in partnership and that our region will continue to benefit by stressing the brand Macarthur and by our three Councils working together to achieve positive outcomes for our region.

“During the two years that I have been President of MACROC I believe we have made significant contributions to Macarthur and the community. When I took on the role of President in November 2012 one of my goals was to see the establishment of more formalised regional collaboration and cooperation between the Macarthur Councils,” says MACROC President, Cr Penny Fischer.

“The Macarthur Councils have a long history of collaboration so there is a strong platform to build on. I was delighted in early 2014 when the MACROC Board endorsed the establishment of a Task Force to progress collaboration and resource sharing between our Councils. The Task Force will report back regularly to the Board on the progress of current projects, such as the Regional Training Calendar for Council staff, and a joint approach to the revaluation of Council assets.”

Cr Fischer hopes to continue to support MACROC and is sure that the next Board will continue to progress more areas that suit a regional collaborative approach.

Media Contact:

Cr Penny Fischer
MACROC President
Mobile: 0411 110 675

MEDIA RELEASE - Macarthur Councils Committed to Collaboration

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